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Monday, October 4, 2010

AXPW - battery play

I took the plunge into AXPW. I have been following this name for a long-time now, thanks to the consistent mention within John Petersen's articles. (I follow his blog, and the man knows about alter. energy.)

This is a purely speculative play. PURELY SPECULATION. I do not want lead anyone into my research thesis on the company, as I do not want to persuade anyone to put money into a pink sheet name. (If your interested, read up and come to your own conclusion.)

I am a fan of the data points regarding its PbC platform, and I have been waiting for a while for an entry point. Last week indicated to me to go after some, and I got my limit order today.

I purchased it, and have no illusions of grandeur. (I only purchased $1,000 worth.)

As per the chart, its an interesting entry point, but fundamentally, a name like this will not run until there is legitimacy in what they are doing.

Things to look for fundamentally:

1. The lab studies conducted by Ford and BMW for stop-start technology is impressive but will be legitimized a few years out. The closest hope for them to see a pop is if production deals start getting announced within the next 1-3 years. (With the data in hand, this can happen anytime.)

2. Utility size energy storage will not be viable until the smart grid gets built out, and that's a ways off.

(I do not think lead/acid batteries will be powering electric/hybrid cars. They will most likely be utilized for stop-start engine use and and utility energy storage.)

Do your homework on this one. I can loose the entire amount, but if conditions line up right I will assess when to sell via the potential projections, after deals are announced. (How much they bring in via the potential for 'stop-start' within vehicle production.)

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