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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

forgot my lunch :( PBR, AXP

I made some nice burgers (or at least I thought they were good) last night, and planned to bring two for lunch today. Completely forgot.

Sucks. But you know what else sucks, a downgrade of PBR by MS. They say the secondary dilutes. Talk about geniuses, No shit. They just had the largest offering in the capital markets, ever! (Even though Brazil's gov. swallowed up about 2/3 of the offering. Which means they are not selling at current price and will not sell for a while. Basically the stock should trade at a premium because those 2/3 are not in play.)

The downgrade is obviously not letting it rise, as it seems it wanted to. Regardless, as oil rises so does the asset value in PBR. Let the stock settle, but the 35 price target they put on it is too low. The low end support is 33ish. If the market is stupid enough to take it there, I will double down.

I also entered AXP today. I think it will be range bound due to the improving fundies but DOJ overhang. Can go to 37, but will look to unload at 41 or so. (more on this later)

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