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Friday, October 29, 2010

the big day

Every now and again there come some very big days in a man's life. One of those days is coming on Saturday. I will be receiving the smallest handcuffs. j/k :)

My wedding day is tomorrow, and there-after will be on my honeymoon :)

Past couple of days I have been too busy and unfortunately missed some day trading opportunities (ie AAPL as it approached 300, etc)

The rate of posts will be light for the next two week. I come back Nov. 13th.

(Knowing my passion for this stuff, I will most likely be checking on the markets in the wee hours of the night, as my soon-to-be wifey is fast asleep, and may sneak in a few posts :)

My market thesis has not changed since the Market Thought posts starting from 'giddy' (Oct 7th onward). Best of luck!

happy trading


  1. Very best wishes to you in your marriage, from an always-interested reader of your blog.

  2. All the best, Echo.


  3. Wish you Long Happy Married Life - all the Best T..