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Monday, May 2, 2011

some thoughts... ATI, LLNW, MF

1. ATI - Last time I mentioned ATI was right before Easter. (This is a missed trade due to my previously incorrect market thesis.)  Since then, I witnessed it melt through its upper-level resistance, and have been patiently waiting for a consolidation.  I will be entering a position around high 66-68.

2. LLNW - The stock is oversold, and looks really interesting here, as it is sitting on a support trend.  The trading was corrupted by AKAM's quarterly report. If the margin issues translates to LLNW, it can break the current support. If they are the ones taking share away from AKAM and benefiting, then they could see a nice boost. Flip the coin and close your eyes :)  I still own the position I entered on the 27th, and unless it rallies to 7 before earnings, I plan on holding it through earnings.

3. MF - I was itching to enter a position today, but MF is not as consolidated as I would like. Also, the intra-day action did not entice me to enter. However, near 8.09 to 8.12 I will enter. (As I have been patiently waiting to do.)

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