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Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I am feeling pretty naked. My work computer got 're-imaged' so that the back-end of the systems are more integrated. In the process, my applications were downgraded. Most importantly Java was downgraded to an obsoleted version. No real-time streamer works. (As a matter of fact, anyone that works for the largest 'most social' pharma company in the world should not be able to view web videos any longer. How fascinating is that fact?)

I was already scraping by before as I was unable to fully maximize my use of the real-time tic-by-tic. Now, I am trying to make do with the increased handicap. An obviously important tool (tic-by-tic equity-to-equity correlations and real-time equity/options correlations) is not available to me right now.

This also sucks because every time I would get frustrated I could just look at the real-time streamers and it would quite literally calm me down.  I lost a calming mechanism as well.

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