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Sunday, May 1, 2011


Over the month of April there was a rise in page views by 131%.

Since I shifted to the blogger platform, in July 2010, the level of site page views has consistently increased (from July 2010-March 2011), rising slow and steady by 221%.

The jump in page views in April felt pretty cool, and me being who I am, was trying to figure out why.

1. I spread the word - I have not noticed myself increase the level of my comments on other blogs that would link back to here over the past few months. (This takes time, and I still have a full time job, which prevents me from doing this. Also, I care far more for the quality of information I obtain to trade very well verse promoting page views.) So I do not take this as the reason.

2. I posted the address on my info Facebook page and Tumblr page in Feb. This could of been a catalyst to the 'bots' that search these sites. Or they are real people viewing it, but I have not been actively promoting it via the social aspect.

3. You guys/gals are spreading the word. I'll take this as the reason :)

4. Google analytic is wrong. Probably, but I hope not.

I would like to think the reason is # 3 ;), which I think is pretty cool, and would like to send a truly heart felt thank you.

(and if its facebook or tumblr 'bots', shhh--eeee---sshhhh, the modem translation to 'thanks' ;)

Thanks, and to the new peeps, welcome.

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