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Saturday, May 14, 2011


On Wednesday, May 11th, I received a notice of my final day at Pfizer.  My last day will be on August 12th.

I am very excited.

Going forward, the objective is to create a small investment partnership (more of an investment pool, not a hedge fund).  I have no illusions-of-grandeur here. I do not come from the street, and have no access to big-boy money. Basically, it will be a scalable vehicle where all my investment funds will go, along with anyone who has ever ask me to trade for them.

Over the next few days/weeks, I will be looking to seek the appropriate professionals to legally create the structure that I would like to implement.

I have wanted to experiment with this for some time now, but could not do it with a full time job.  Also, I had great momentum at Pfizer. So-much-so, I did not want to turn my back on it.  I am very grateful for the relationships I made there, and of very proud of my personal and professional achievements. My time at Wyeth-then-Pfizer, was invaluable. I learned a lot about the Pharma business, regulation, biotech processing and about my capabilities as an employee and manager.  But when May 2010 came along, and the department closure was announced, the weeks/months that followed no longer had that positive-can-do aura.  I potentially still would have been able to see personal professional growth, but it would be in the confines of a negative connotation (ie site closure).  I joined the company on an upswing, and am leaving when the local area is on a down swing. I much prefer working with a company on its upswing.  Watching the destruction around me, I felt now was a good time to create.

I am very excited and eager to create, with some fear in the mix (although my wife has enough fear and uncertainty for the both of us :).


  1. Congratulations, Echo, that is great news. Perhaps especially for me because a) you got the word on my birthday, 5/11 and b) I'm going to have a "liquidity event " at the end of May which will give me much more flexibility in how and where I invest. Please keep me posted as to your plans as they develop. I'm very excited for your future and (selfishly) mine!


  2. A very many happy birthday wishes! I truly appreciate the vote of confidence, no matter how selfishly devised ;) I will definitely keep you posted.