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Tuesday, May 10, 2011


AOL is looking interesting again. It has become very oversold, while (not so obviously) maintaining a sense of bullishness (via the DMI).  And fundamentally, the company continues to perform well into its transition.

I am looking to enter near 19.00 tomorrow, for a bounce off of its oversold condition.

While the trade is mostly technical, in the back of my head is the Microsoft-Skype deal today.  Microsoft bought +600M users, and is looking to be a major push to its on-line efforts (along with some enterprise support). But its on-line biz is still a huge money loser, that needs a lot of help. I can see Mr. Softy going after the transformed AOL, to incorporate into its MSN division. (If not, whatever, the potential is only icing on the cake.)

update 05/11/2011 - I entered AOL.

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