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Saturday, March 26, 2011


Checked out the Market Currents within seekingalpha after having a quick bite with the wifey, and noticed a SmartMoney article highlighting 4 Newsletters "beating the Stock Market".

I did not understand why it was written. I did not understand because the type of performance was nothing spectacular, and why one of the major financial magazines were highlighting them. (Good for the newsletter people, but I am left pondering, why?)

I've been keeping track of my performance since the May 2007 (only because my portfolio values in May 2007 have been forever scorched in my memory due to certain events), and I have been tracking well over 100% returns year-over-year. Had my most profitable year (at the time) during the financial collapse. From Sept 2010 to Jan 2011 alone had returns that crushed the newsletter's returns. My 'buy and hold' (timeless) portfolio has done better (for now anyway). 

I guess I do not understand because SmartMoney highlighted mediocrity or maybe I do not understand because SmartMoney is not highlighting me and my blog.  Maybe I'm a hater? Yeah, i'm a jealous hater. :)

j/k, but not really ;)

Albeit, I do not promote the blog, not yet anyway. So how would they know? (cough cough... investigative journalism... cough ;)

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