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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

charts... ATI, LLNW and the futures

Here are the charts of ATI and LLNW:

ATI - The stock is oversold, and approached its 62SMA support. With these conditions, I entered.

LLNW - Ever since their CEO was interviewed by Cramer a few weeks ago, I became interested with the company and waited patiently. Since that interview the stock has come down some 22%, and is sitting on SMA support. (It is also sitting on weekly SMA support as well.)

Futures - There is weakness in Asia, and the futures, most likely due to China's surprise trade deficit. If I am also able to buy back some of the IBM I sold off today due to this weakness, I will.

I will probably close out the current protection around 1290 regardless of Saudi's 'Day of Fear'.

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