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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

some action

Took a bit of action this morning.

1. With the decline of the optical player LLNW is sitting on some nice support. Ever since the CEO was interviewed by Cramer I have been keeping on eye on it. (I really liked the way he projected himself, and the business.) I will post the link to the interview and charts later today.)

2. ATI - The decline is near the support to which I would like to enter, and it is oversold, so I entered. I will post an updated chart later today.

3. I eased up on some IBM that I purchased in the 159 area. (Still my largest position. Should be trading in the low 170s/very high 160s as we approach next quarter's earnings report.)

4. With the new additions I added SPY protection in case this 'Day of Rage' in Saudi Arabia is a market spooker. Keeping an eye on it, but since I did a lot of adding to the portfolio, discipline demands protection.

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