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Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Trader's Dirty Look

A few weeks ago I came across the news that a self-publishing service called was coming to the iPad. (article)

I figured it would be an interesting means of monetizing detailed information that goes beyond the function of the blog. With this blog I convey the conclusions of extensive thought and research via relatively short and concise posts, highlighting the technical analysis and a few key fundamental points.

The blog posts will keep coming, but in addition, I will look to begin publishing the deep fundamental analysis I conduct via Smashwords. Since that aspect of my homework is at the heart of what I do, I believe that should be monetized, assuming anyone is interested. There is no cost to me, other then organizing the work, so I figure I will begin to make it available.

To test out the concept, I created (what I thought to be) an interesting ebook called A Trader's Dirty Look. Basically it highlights my thought processes for conducting a quick-and-dirty fundamental assessment specifically for trading. It showcases the ratios I use and where I get my information (links included).

Keep in mind, this is not a foray to transform the anonymous 'echotoall' name into a stock guru or market educator brand. I make cash from trading. That is my love, and that will not change. (If learning is a consequence of reading my information so be it. Everyone learns when reading a perspective they may not have thought of.) I write this blog because I have no one to discuss potential trades at the activity level I perform them. The blog helps me solidify my conclusions. The use of Smashwords will simply be a mechanism of monetizing the Deep Analysis, assuming people are interested in it. Nothing more.

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