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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Market Thought... da bears?

The man, or team behind the man has been calling the macro economic trends quite well, gave some very revealing information. I encourage all to read the article. Pay attention to what he is saying.

V shaped recovery, employment growth, better than expected.

There have been other articles, referencing his conference calls, indicating he is expecting certain housing to appreciate in 8 to 11% in 2011.

John Paulson's opinion matters to me because he has the pulse of where things were, and where things are.

I still think the market is in need for a consolidation, and should get it sooner-rather-than-later, but the above opinion only confirms bullish views.

Also, despite my view on the market consolidation, I am not hesitating to purchase oversold names. For instance, IBM or PBR or TBT.

NOTE: Interesting action in the treasuries today. Thanks to this RBS report that the treasury's budge shortfall will be far less than expected, and cause a overflow of funds. This allowed the rates to fall today. But that is today. Higher rates go hand-and-hand with higher rates. Market rates will be higher by year end. If the economy recovers as optimistically as Paulson suggests, and housing appreciates as much as he indicates, rates must go higher sooner than anticipated.

1 comment:

  1. Echo-

    Looked over my own charts last night after work- there is a reason I really enjoy the effort and sharing you do :)

    TBT is the one that I have right on support... oversold... from this point on my technicals has been a quick 10%... or more... six times in 12 months-

    Your site gives me the extra nerves to follow my own lines (still shell shocked from the two prior years)

    Good luck in the jury pool- good week for sitting on the sidelines, IMO.