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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

To Goldman Sachs

Go private.

Fuck everyone. Everyone obviously hates you, so fuck us all. Tell us to go fuck ourselves, and exclude us from your wisdom. Do not let anyone invest with you anymore. Do not let the bashers benefit from your strategic decisions. Despite the fact that most of the little and big guys love to invest in you, and most likely are invested within you either in mutual funds or some kind of index fund. (I love how Hank Greenberg, a large client of GS, is so quick to point a finger. Lets not swallow incorrect decisions, lets just blame 'the other guy'. How's that for moral hazard? Its laugh out loud funny.)

Your worth more than 168 a share, and I think you are worth more than the 173 Whitney puts on you.

You can re-enter the public markets after the dust settles, for a lot more money.

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