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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Interesting Video - pro NatGas

Boone was interviewed by Cramer today, and he provided some good insight. He basically stated that he strongly believes there will be a 'NatGas' bill (HR1835) before Memorial Day; thats May 31st.


If he is right, and anyone who doubts the soon to be power in NatGas merely need to look at the recent Exxon/XTO deal, the plays are obviously the dominant NatGas players. My favorite is CHK. Another of my favorites regarding NatGas, and alternative energy in general, is PWR (thanks to the Price Gregory purchase, adding to their in house NatGas biz). Despite the fact that Boone himself is playing down wind, PWR will still benefit from the required Nat Gas infrastructure that will be needed from the added NatGas usage.

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