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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

This is not a re-run

Blodget wrote an article criticizing Apples's strategy for its mobile platform. He pretty much asserts that their closed system software/hardware combination for mobile will be their down fall, as it with the Personal Computer.

I couldn't disagree more with his oversimplified, antiquated thesis. Here is why:

1. Apple's closed system personal computer is currently gaining market share. Which means people are tired of the 'off the self' PC/software. (I know I am a switcher, and I will never go back to an 'off the self' PC.) So right away, his 1980's comparison is no longer an argument.

2. The iPhone is not a closed system. iPhone and iTunes is a platform to be built on by other developers. Apple's challenge is to streamline the development process to facilitate the developers. (We can argue the hardware/operating software is closed, but imo, that serves to have a far better functioning phone. I played with the Droid, and other Android phones, but they came far short of the iPhones functionality and capability.)

This 'off the self' PC or 'just sell the software' argument is so detrimental to innovation it kills me. I can argue until my face is blue that it hindered real innovation within the PC space for nearly a decade, and I am sure many techies would completely agree.

Google's entrance into the smart phone market is a good thing. Without them, there would be no competition for Apple. Seriously. All other competitors were asleep at the wheel, and that is why they are getting blown away. Hopefully they can continue to compete to give the consumer better services, but Apple is not slacking in that department.

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