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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Trades - NVDA, PWR

This is purely technical, but over the past week there are individual names that have consolidated enough to merit purchase. (I already indicated ORCL and F.) NVDA and PWR are in this position now.

NVDA - consolidated, and hitting a light support via the 20SMA. And if the PC market is recovering, IMO, this is the best semi to be in.

PWR - it too is consolidated, and sitting on support. I really like this name, as I view it as the Alternative Energy contractor. And has a great position in Nat Gas. If/when there is a push for this fuel, PWR is the winner.

An FYI... I'm still scared of the tape, and if/when I get a solid bounce from any trade I take, I will not hesitate to sell. (For instance, with the names above, I would sell if they approached their Sept highs again.)

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