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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Market Thought... save the dollar

There needs to be a serious saving of the dollar. As per the data, I can argue the recent leg up in the market is purely due to the collapse in the dollar. This scares me. Its the same bullshit economic equation America has been on since the early 80s.

Decline our dollar, and watch our market rally. (This is the only reason why multi-national industrials are breaking out... because a shit load of their revenue is from overseas. period.)

The rally since July started taking place in concert with the collapse of dollar support.

Looking at the UUP (etf of dollar in relation to a basket of other currencies), the dollar broke down from support around the same time.

A look at the UUP directly confirms it.

Looking at this scenario, I have the same level of fear and worry as I had when the markets were on a free-fall. We need to stabilize our dollar, ASAP!

NOTE... the previous dollar strength was purely psychological, as it was a flight to safety from the threat of complete economic collapse. (Money simply entered the 'big swinging dick' for protection, nothing more.)

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