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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Interesting stuff...

1. Regarding SQM - This article about the new wave of cars to hit the road in the next 10 years pretty much sums up why I like SQM so much. Not to mention it is involved w/agriculture, the other high growth sweet spot place to be. (At the moment it is too overbought, and had to unload the position.)

2. Looking to enter Jan 2010 Puts on MCO (Moody's) - Many are taking this trade on, including Einhorn. With the market rise, MCO rose w/the tide, and now the big boys are questioning their authority. (In a WSJ subscription article that I can not link.) This is the nail in the coffin.

3. ORCL declining after earnings. This may become an interesting trade off the lower end support. (remember I do not plan on holding long position for more than a few days w/the market at current levels)

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