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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Mahaney fired at Citi

The news was a surprise to see. I rarely listen to any analyst opinion or commentary to make trades or investment because I try my very best to let pure data guide those decisions.  But there are a few individuals I listen closely to, Mahaney was one of them. (His work is usually less bias then the rest.)

Given his status within the investment world and technology, I am sure he will be fine. (Its really Citi's loss.)

The article also highlights obvious interactions between bankers and journalists. (The interactions should not be a shock to anyone.) One of the journalists mentioned was Josh Constine from TechCrunch. I found that interesting because over the past two quarters, he produced some really interesting articles and information specific to Facebook. So much so, I felt he was Facebook's 'leak' guy. Just like Steve Jobs used Walt Mossberg, I got the impression someone at Facebook (who knows, maybe Zuckerberg himself) was using Josh. 

Firing key people like this keeps making Citi look stupid.

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