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Monday, October 29, 2012

Exciting. Apple vs Sandy

Not to be undone by Sandy, Apple released management changes.

John Browett has left. This is not surprising. He never felt like a good fit at Apple. Some of the actions he took were real head scratchers.

Scott Forstall is leaving. This is a bit surprising given his status. But bringing the iOS and Mac OS under one roof was inevitable. Especially with respect to the post PC concept of same content on various devices.

I really like that they are trying to apply Ive's design mentality to software interface.

Most surprising is that Bob Mansfield looks to be staying. (I thought he was going to retire.)

As for Sandy, she took out my cable and Internet. (Thank you apple for ushering in the mobile device/web convergence.) And she is teasing my power. Already witnessed a transformer blow. Winds have picked up, and shes not fucking around.

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