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Friday, October 19, 2012

FB chatter into earnings

Thanks to Google nasdaq took a beating today.  Due to 'weak mobile' theme, Facebook took an extra shellacking.  But for a company that had zero mobile ad revenue less than a year ago, with new products announced early in the quarter, the chatter has been pretty positive.

1. Facebook ads are clicked more on mobile

2. CPM and CTR up across the board

3. Retargeted ads performing well

4. Mobile banners have high click through rates

5. some CTRs are very high for Facebook

6. Sponsored Results are doing well

7. Facebook Exchange Retargeting ads showing really good returns

Some of the chatter is qualitative, others are more quantitative.  Regardless, the chatter is positive.

Better clarity on the growth and performance of these initiatives will be provided next week, but as per the chatter, I am expecting to hear good things. Things that should change the perception of the street, and drive the stock toward 27.

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