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Monday, June 27, 2011

stop-start chatter gets louder

A great info/expectations coming from Johnson Controls on stop-start, which is subsequently really good for AXPW.ob.

Reuters Article highlights:

1. Globally, start-stop will be used in 52 percent to 55 percent of new vehicles built in 2016, up from 8 percent in 2010, Johnson Controls told analysts

2. Shutting down the engine by this method can save 5 percent to 12 percent of fuel and polluting emissions in conventional gasoline-powered vehicles

3. nearly 25 million vehicles will be built with the advanced batteries allowing start-stop in 2016, up from 7 million vehicles in 2011

4. overall start-stop battery sales will be 35 million within five years, including batteries not put into new vehicles

5. advanced batteries will yield three times the margin of more conventional lead-acid batteries [here is where Axion will shine]

6. expansion of start-stop technology is driving demand for newer batteries, called absorbed glass mat (but the BMW presentation showed that AGM w/PbC has far better performance then AGM alone)

7. "In this competition, start-stop has gained share because consumers perceive real value from the application and are moving it forward up the adoption curve," Kim Metcalf-Kupres, vice president of global sales, marketing and strategy

8. Brian Johnson, analyst with Barclays Capital, said the 25 million batteries in new vehicles by 2016 estimate by JCI is up from the company's earlier statements of 17 million.

Years ago I was in Great Adventure. I went to a concession booth to get some food. The two main areas had really long lines, but there was this one guy in the booth near an obscure window on the side of the booth, who appears to just be waiting.  I took the chance to by-pass the long ass lines, and place my order from this obscure window.  Once others started to see the guy actually process my order, the obscure window was no longer vacant. The mob came.  This same feeling just came over me, while reading this article, with respect to AXPW.ob.

Everyday that passes, the increasing chatter makes me more excited about Axion's prospects.

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