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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

some thoughts

Austerity passed, so I covered my protection and entered ATI in the am.  Currently letting my positions ride. I want to enter POT, but I will wait for the crop report tomorrow. (I am thinking there maybe a 'sell the news' on the report. If there is I will add on the decline. If not, and it rallies to its negative trend line resistance, around 59, I will unload my current position there, then actively trade around that resistance level.)

And just a side note, I normally would have day-traded some AAPL with the AM weakness, but with the lack of real time, and crazy emotions the stock has already given me, I refrained. Apple should base here for the next couple of trading days due to the resistance highlighted in the previous post, but as the quarter's end approaches I am sure a bunch of big-boys do not want to be short this stock.

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