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Monday, June 13, 2011

MSFT... get it together

I saw an article on Forbes regarding the Skype deal, and I had to opine. For anyone invested in MSFT, it must be frustrating, but this is the simple fact that plagues Microsoft:

They have all the pieces they need to be a Web 2.0 (and even Web 3.0) company but their integration of these parts suck. The lack of integration, causes a very hard user interface and is ultimately rejected.

Google unifies part of its business via the public cloud. ie Google Docs, Gmail and the effortless communication ability. (I love it and use it a lot. Although they definitely need to purchase Talkatone if they want a truly cross platform communication/social tool. Their own Google Voice offering is too harsh on iPhone users, and Talkatone allows for the functionality I was looking for via Google Voice/Chat.)  Google has a bit more to do, but in a far better position then Microsoft.

Apples will be the only company that bring everything together via their private cloud (iCloud). (As I indicated in 2007 the iPhone would have Apple usher in the true mobile experience for the average user, they will make people realize the awesome benefits of the Cloud.)

These other players could have, as they have all the pieces to do so, but failed to do it.

As an investor, will you 'wait' for the competition to do, or go to the company that already does?

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