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Saturday, February 19, 2011

some charts... AXP, DNDN

AXP - Although Buffett has been selling AXP, technically it looking interesting here. With this pull back, it has eased from its overbought condition. A lot of the political issues with AXP were priced into the stock in December. The only perceived threat (but at the same time a mutual benefit), for all the credit card companies, is the NFC (near field technology) that will be implemented in smart phones, primarily the next version of the iPhone. Apple's iTunes, with NFC technology, allows for centralized, secure and very user friendly payments. If this type of payments mechanism gains mass adoption (out side of the registered iPhone users) is at least 1-2 few years out. But its a double edge sword as credit card companies are still the back-bone to the majority of electronic payments.

DNDN - I still follow this story, and the only reason I mention it now is because of its technical set up. It is oversold and sitting on a low-end support. The probability of a bounce is high. (I did not enter a position on Friday, and probably will not because of the history/scars I have from this stock :)

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