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Monday, February 14, 2011

AOL + Tim = love

Tim Armstrong purchased $10M of AOL stock after the market pushed the stock down. To me that looks like a big vote of confidence.

I was tempted to enter a position on Friday, only because of the chart set up. AOL saw its low end of what now appears to be a bottom-end range.

But its number's are so crappy, albeit improving, but crappy none-the-less. I want to see more clarity on their ad network performance, and particularly via their local channels like WOW and Patch.

I do really like where the company is headed, and I am a big fan of the direction Armstrong is taking. Whatever slogan he or his team wants to tout, they are positioning AOL to be a true Internet age content provider. I just want to see hints of it within their numbers before I start trading it.

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