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Saturday, February 5, 2011

AXPW.ob action

Over the past few weeks AXPW.ob has been trading in a very tight tight range. Basically not moving. Yesterday saw a change in that. The action was most likely from an article issued yesterday adding more detail to the potential size of the Stop-Start market.

I have been keeping my eye out for information that can give me a better sense of the size of the Stop-Start automobile market for a while. The article mentions a few key points:

1. Nearly half of autos produced in Europe next year will have stop-start capability.

2. Frank Frister, a product manager with auto parts maker Bosch North America and in position to see what technologies the big automakers are adopting, sees North America reaching the point at which 50% of all autos sold in the North America are stop-start capable. He recently said, “North America will reach that figure in 2016.”

I already posted Ford's press release indicating their production of Stop-Start in 2012.

The perfect storm is building for Stop-Start technology, and Axion's PbC technology is very well positioned to take advantage.

I do not know the component cost for the PbC or potential revenue from it. (I try to dig up some info.) But a none-thorough, back of the envelope guesstimate assessment indicates Axion market size in Europe and America alone is north of 10-12M units by 2016.

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