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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

another day, another revolution

What a day for great news and rumor-mongering. lol.

Gaddafi vows to fight to the death, instead of shifting his policies toward a 'people-centric' society. And Apple is getting hit harder than usual for apparent delays in products. However I find this to be funny because Apple does not give guidance on product releases, so I do not understand how the products (iPhone 5, iPad 2) will be 'delayed'.

Also, for you political folks out there, this article on Gene Sharp ("who?":) is really really interesting.

Times-they-are-a-changing. Leaders that offer limits to their people are obsolete. The Russian president does not seem to understand this either. There is no turning back for these countries. Changes must be made, the best the threatened leaders can hope for now is to either adopt very quick and sweeping changes or get the fuck out of the way.

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