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Sunday, January 20, 2013

trades... $BAC, $FB, $GOOG and $AAPL

BAC - Looking for an entry near the 50SMA. IMO, the play is a reversion to book value, especially as the economy and housing improves. (Near 17-20)

FB - Ideally looking for 26 or the 62SMA. With a current market cap of $64B, I am uncertain as to how the stock will react to the earnings report. When the stock was at 19, the trade, playing the transition to mobile, was a fairly easy one.

GOOG - Even though I am a fan, I already highlighted it should chronically under perform until they begin to make profits from their hardware or mobile ad rates rise enough to offset desk top ads. (And, what I think is a first, Google told analysts via a blog post their revenue was gonna come in light.)

I would like to play an oversold bounce, when the conditions are right. And look to play GOOG between mid-to-high 600s.

AAPL - Too much has already been said. Wed will be interesting. I am looking to sell some of the position near 560, which is the upper trend line resistance, on the weekly.

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