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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

trades... $IBM, $BAC and $SU

IBM - There is so much beauty in IBM, but the prettiest part of it, at least for the current moment, is its ability to leverage a healthy financial engineering to maintain institutional interest (w/ consistent dividend increases) and increasing EPS with consistent buybacks, while maintaining a very nice free cash-flow.

Been waiting for a consolidation to get back into the name, since they reported. With VMWare disappointing this evening, an opportunity may arise. (Would love to enter between high 200/mid 202.)

BAC - A reversion to book value w/ a solid economy is at play. (Unlike Goldman, which is now an earnings story.)  Currently riding the weekly 9 SMA, but may hit the 50 SMA on the daily or a technical support near 11.

SU - The stock has been hovering around a long-term resistance.  Seems like it would like to breach it.

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