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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sometimes, I hate when I'm right

When Pfizer sold off their Consumer Health division a few years ago, I knew they were going to purchase Wyeth. The buyout got delayed due to the Credit Crisis, but after the Credit Crisis, they did.

Because of the nature of what I do for the company, the cross-network access that I had, I knew what other sites were capable of (I fixed a lot of their problems). Once the buyout came to light, putting the pieces together was not difficult. I started warning my closest friends of the trend and trajectory... our site had about 2 years, and the site would probably stay on for spare capacity. But it would mean the department work force would be cut by more than half.

Well, today, the time frame was basically confirmed, but with no expectation for spare capacity. The manufacturing goes dark.

I've been preparing for this for a while, and looking back at what I accomplished here, I am proud, on the personal and professional level, but I will be praying for the one supporting families.

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