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Monday, May 3, 2010

Buffett, Blair and the charts

Strong support for Goldman are coming from out of the abyss. Albeit, I do not think Blair is specifically helping GS here, but her comments surrounding not separating derivatives and the big banks certainly helps Goldman.

Buffett is more blunt about his support throughout the weekend, and continuing today on CNBC.

Then there is the 500SMA support. GS did not hit it, but was very close.

With the 'close enough' aspect on the chart, and the above pillars of the financial community coming out and supporting Goldman and their biz model, it is hard not to be a outright buyer here. Especially given a PE of its peers would make GS trade around 170.

Oh, and add to the fact that on Friday Blankfein specifically stated on the Charlie Rose show that he will be participating much more within the financial media to convey and explain more readily what GS does, it is had not to be bullish on GS at these levels.

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