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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Selling PWR is a mistake

LinkThe US and China have committed to reducing their carbon emission. (article) The goals set out by the President means more alternative energy (AE) projects (via Wind, Solar or whatever) for the United States. PWR is at the heart of these projects.

With the credit market functioning again, AE projects will start up again, and PWR will have their hands full of projects to do.

An interesting aspect of the article that hit me hard was China's already built AE projects that do not contribute to electricity usage due to their location. This also is a problem for some US projects, but have not yet been built. China's current approach is to use Ultra-high-Voltage transmission lines, but I think a serious alternative to the UHV lines is American Semiconductor's (AMSC) superconductor electricity pipes. (see description)

In the States, I think AMSC will be used for projects far away from electricity users to connect to the grid closer to users, and PWR will be the contractors who will facilitate the building of the AE project, the pipe and connect it to the grid.

Those blindly selling PWR, and the chart indicates some idiot big boys are do just that, are making a huge short-sighted mistake here.

(I already own PWR at current prices, and will look to pick up AMSC when the technicals are to my liking.)

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