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Monday, November 9, 2009


Today I am sad and angry. You see the inefficiencies of large corporations head on when layoffs take place.

I was not laid-off, but two of my former bosses were. These individuals are smart and very capable, and taught me a lot about being a good leader.

For all the bitching corporate America does regarding not having qualified engineers, today angers me about it. One of them is a part of the Army Core of Engineers. Recently spending 2 years in Afghanistan helping with the rebuilding effort over there.

The man is a hero, extremely intelligent, and a very capable leader, so what does one of the largest companies in the world decide to do... get rid of the talent.

Large corporations are stupid because they rely on inefficient measuring tactics. On top of which, the decision makers are ignorant middle management who are only focused on their specific job function.

Where are the people or metric to measure quality people in one area that obviously can not use the qualified people, to replace the unqualified people in other areas.

Large corporations have a great talent pool at their feet, yet they do not utilize it properly. That is a shame. Their is no reason why they have to be stupid. But a CEO, and senior management, have to be willing to challenge their middle management to keep the best people through the entire company, not just the individual group.

Obviously today (along with previous layoffs I witnessed) showed me that problem is too difficult to be entertained, but I do not see an attempt to solve it. Which is truly sad and stupid.

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