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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Market Thought... same thought

My previous thought (Market Thought... same old) is the same. Still waiting on the Fed statement/decision. While waiting, however, some interesting plays are developing.

Look at AAPL and GS. They are oversold, and, IMO, when they decline to their lower end support, they want to be purchased.

I would love to see AAPL hit 180, but I do not think it will happen. Regardless 185 looks good for an initial position. (or at least a day trade... to buy on the dip and sell on the intra-day rally)

Similar situation with GS. I am waiting to purchase around 165. (i day traded it the other day when it approached 164, and plan on doing it continuously if I can)

Regardless of the day trading, everyone and their mother knows these stocks and companies are solid, and merit a higher stock price. Start to take advantage w/initial positions, if not in them already.

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