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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

$yhoo negative chatter

Some high profile tech bloggers are really negative on Yahoo, again. (Techpinions and PandoDaily)

Everything they state is pretty valid, except for the sheer anger of emotion the words express.

The key difference between the Yahoo of Old and Marissa's Yahoo is an established strategy and integration of the acquisitions.

The Yahoo of old simply bought promising startup and let them wither.  The new Yahoo integrates the startup, quickly.

The old Yahoo did not have a mobile / web strategy. The new Yahoo is unbundling their offering and attempting to maintain a level of loose cohesion between the offerings. Its a mobile first mind-set that is also producing desktop viewership gains.

Yahoo has been number one on desktop usage for a few months now, and in December ComScore suggests the gain is INCREASING.

Yahoo also has more mobile users than Twitter. Yahoo has over 400million mobile users. 50million of which were gained over the last 3-4months.

The data suggests they, as a company, are doing something right.

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