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Thursday, January 30, 2014

$goog keeps failing at consumer electronics

A ton of chatter as to why the Moto deal is irrelevant or a non-issue. In fact, the chatter is complimenting the stock price and being painted with a positive light. 

The one glaring fact about the Moto deal is that Google went in pretty heavy to make a non-techie, mass market consumer device and failed. 

And they did not approach designing and marketing the Moto X the way they would a Google device. They brought in an Apple alum Guy Kawasaki. In effect Google approached design and marketing the way Apple would have. The project failed. 

Now Google is apparently approaching Nest in the same way. Consumer facing hardware, using Apple people and with Apple marketing tactics. Will it succeed? Maybe, but the history with Moto does not make the prospects too promising. 

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