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Thursday, January 30, 2014

$goog - decent

Report was okay, mayby not +5% after hours good, but decent. (The rise probably has more to do with the stock split than the quality of earnings.)

Paid clicks heading in the right direction, but CPC continues the decline.

Tax rate was still pretty low, and they still missed on earnings.

Revenues are making higher-highs, which is basically what the street cares about.

"Other" is getting to the point to where it should be broken down. Growing very fast, and quickly making for a relevant share of revenue. 

Gross Margins went down, but that should change as Moto gets off the books.

A quick thought for the analog-to-digital ad transformation, Google will definitely benefit, but it will not be a clear correlation. Much of the TV ads will still be handled the same way they are currently being handled. Via content providers own sales channels and their own tech.   

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