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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Timeless Portfolio update

In February I published 'Timeless Portfolio'. I keep the list via a shared Google Doc link to the upper right hand corner of this blog, under 'Links'.

I wanted to update the Portfolio by replacing NAT with BGCP because NAT has been seriously under performing the rest of the picks.

I will officially document 2010 performance on 12/31/2010, but NAT is now officially documented as a 5.9% decline. (When accounting for dividends.)

Here is a performance update on the rest of the portfolio w/today's closing price, including dividends:

KMP: +17%

BKE: +27%

IBM: +15.6%

F: 42.2%

NAT: -5.9%

Currently the portfolio is on track to do about 20% its first year. (Surpassing the high-end estimates. Guess I can be a relatively good long-term 'buy-and-hold' investor, so far ;)

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