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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Oh Oracle...

When I first saw the Press Release for Oracle's earnings, my original plan was going to write a post ripping into its claims, on server speed, and attempting to bracket HP in the same sentence with IBM. But I had to go to a Christmas party. Afterwards, I listened to the conference call, and noticed this nice summary excerpt provided by AllThingsD that gives a more realistic picture.

He gives credit to IBM, and the rest is sales talk.

The one thing Ellison conveniently forgot to mention was that HP's sucky inferior product sucks because the suckiness is a direct by-product of HP's former CEO, who is now Oracle's President Mark Hurd. The reason the product is inferior is sitting next to Ellison.

I personally view this as a dangerous thing for Oracle, but the market seems to like it the theatrical sales pitch.

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