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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Market Thought... night and day

I felt like singing the song through out the day. Bullish on Monday, now the world is about to end on Wednesday night.

Cisco missed Rev, and management offered a gloomy preception, but its trading at with a forward PE of 13. That is 13. So lets sell the fuck out of it, and declare the world is about to end.

Get a grip. Get a grip.

Whatever the case, all I can do is control the actions I take. I am looking for the market to test the 320SMA with this negativity now.

Thanks to CSCO, the market should see this tomorrow.

Just on a side note, did anyone realize AAPL is now trading with a trailing PE of 18? Really, Really. They are making like a billion dollars every other day, and they have a PE of 18.

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