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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Timeless Portfolio projections

Last week I put together a 'timeless portfolio' and shared via the linked post. Now that I am going to be married, I will have to explain some of my financial transactions, at least the ones involving my new wife.

Since I plan on using the timeless portfolio for savings (that is cash I am not trading or cash I am not allowed to trade with :), I put my projections that were in my head on an Google Doc spread sheet so I can convey the benefit to my future wife.

Since I created it, I figure I share it. If interested, the projections are here. The projection are compiled in three categories: 1. tracking (in line expectations), 2. low (low-end expectations) and 3. high (high-end expectations.

(remember, I'm an anonymous blogger, should not be taken seriously)

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