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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Are Greek Officials Children?

Greece's Government is run by children. They are desperate to blame other people for their own mistakes.

-Borrowed too much, blame the borrower.

-Germany will not help you, blame them for events that took place a generation ago. (Talk about biting the hand that feeds you)

Are there any adults in their Government?

This is the one Country I am very familiar with. I am of Greek descent. My parents came to the US from Greece in the late 70s. Most of my immediate family is still in Greece. I have been consistently going to the country since I was 7 years old. I have seen the cultural transition, and have plenty of friends who probably participated in some of the protests that are going on right now.

The vast majority of people in Greece have every right to protest. There was no reason for the country to enter the EU when it did, and it did nothing but fuck over the vast majority of low wage earnings by spiking up inflation. (Think about it... a bottle water that was cost 50drachma spiked up to 50euro cents. The drachma/euro conversion was pegged at 333/1. Groceries and everyday items like bottled water saw a spike in real inflation by 3000%. )

The Government borrowed too much, and it can not afford to pay its debts. The situation is that simple. Because elected officials allowed huge inefficiencies in the systems and massive avenues of corruption to occur, they will try to fuck the little guy again.

The average citizen has every right to strike, but they have to strike for a good reason. Whoever will be in charge of Greece will need to remove the inefficiencies and corruption, and implement taxes on the plenty of well-to-do in the country (not the vast majority of the low wage workers).

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