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Friday, February 26, 2010

Market Thought... nothing new

Nothing has made me change my view from my Feb 19th post 'protect'. The market has not really moved, but the Vix declined.

Still cautious enough to keep my protection, but see signs of bullishness from names like AAPL and IBM. (With a declining market, their declines will be at higher levels than I thought. AAPL most likely at 200, and IBM at 125-126.)

GOOG is a very oversold, and am looking to go heavy in the name with the right market set up. It is currently holding the 520 level, but it might break it. GOOG may see 510ish. For a very conservative play, the weekly indicates support at 483 via the 50SMA. (I am not holding my breath on the 483 level.)

The thought of GOOG in an anti-trust complaint, as the reasons are laid out, are utterly ridiculous. It is a joke. The reason Microsoft was in clear violation was due to the fact that costumers had no choice, but to use Microsoft. And Microsoft used that lack of choice to muscle out competition on various products. Google on the other had, does not do that. No one forces anyone to use Google. (Case in point, Google could not leverage their search biz to muscle out YouTube with Google Video.)

IMO, Microsoft is simply trying to distract Google so they can drop the ball on search, and Bing can gain market share. The tactic is pretty pathetic, and I for one will never buy a thing associated with Microsoft again. I wish Microsoft would just compete and innovate, instead of resorting to asking 'mommy and daddy' (aka EC) for help. Pretty pathetic.

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