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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Market Thought... free Tibet! :)

No. I did not become a hippie, but there is a point to the title. I was going to cover some of they market Puts I took on, to protect against AAPL, but then I saw this article.

Obama to Meet Dalai Lama Feb. 18

This has obvious implications for anyone following China. Especially when the Chinese gave a specific warning over this very issue. (article)

I am not one that accepts such a warning as acceptable political diplomacy. And Obama meeting with him effectively gives China the finger. (rightfully so, who the fuck are they telling the most powerful man on earth what to do)

Anyway, its no surprise China has been getting more and more aggressive with their diplomatic tactics. Add this to the list of things China will be pissed about, but they have to be realistic towards its expectations and warnings. If Chinese diplomats were stupid enough to make this warning, and start acting more and more aggressive, they are stupid enough to do something very stupid.

IMO, there potential stupidity may merit market protection. Hence, I did not remove the protection.

Also, my trigger to remove protection was not achieved yet. (Despite that, AAPL's chart looks so juicy now. Look how the negative trend was broken. It smells like a change in direction :)

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