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Monday, January 26, 2015

$aapl super high expectations

Chatter going into the quarter is basically unanimous, to-be-massively-record-breaking.

Higher revenue, higher ASP, and more importantly, higher expectations.


AAPL is at the higher-end trading range, with a pretty overbought position and high expectations.

Typically not a good recipe for a stock to pop after earnings. Especially when year-over-year comparisons will be difficult.

BUT (there is always a but)

If the market is blah due to discounted expectations, downside should be limited. There is very little doubt anymore on the iOS ecosystem. This facilitates a continuation of its long-tern uptrend.

I was hoping aapl would see a decline toward 95 during the recent market decline, but that never happened. So its unlikely it will see 95 now, more like 106-107, if we are lucky.

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