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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

$aapl - iOS 7 chatter

The initial chatter is polarizing. (Frankly I am surprised, listening to the keynote and taking in the subtle cues of the short videos, I got really excited.)

Here are a few from key influencers:

- Daring Fireball: Ive proved to merge software and hardware creating more then just a 'flat' design. (I agree w/this view.)

- theloopinsight: overall positive, but finds the icons on the home screen odd. (The icons definitely have a softer tone to them, but I think the oddness is more from the background being used.)

- the verge: basically not a fan, and finds the design confusing. (Although, over the past few months I have gotten the sense that the author, and editor of the site, is so far up Google's ass, its difficult to find his thoughts are fair anymore.)

I consciously left out TechCrunch because lately they really are only writing posts that inspire debate vs actual substance, and their posts of substance are superficial re-prints of the obvious.

Twitter chatter is just all over the place.

The current chatter is based on superficial observations with not enough interaction to the OS to be true reviews. We will start getting some worth while reviews over the next few weeks.

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  1. The market, while tentative, appears to agree with you. :)