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Thursday, September 6, 2012

trades... AET, IBM, QCOM, SP500

AET - A health care stock discounting over 30% earnings reductions, recently saw its technicals firm up. Its pulled back from its attempt to break out. Looks interesting for a move towards 42.

If it can not hold the SMA support, it will probably test 37.

IBM - After testing its resistance, IBM has pulled pack. After this test, that negative trend should be breached during the next test.

QCOM - Sitting on daily and weekly support.

SP500 - The market has eased from its overbought condition, and technically is interesting here. However, the Employment Number is on Friday. This number has led, and will continue to lead the market. (Allowing for higher or lower multiples.)

Although I am expecting a decent (in-line) number. Prudence dictates to add protection tomorrow, going into the Friday number.

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