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Saturday, September 1, 2012

iPhone rumors suck

I think they are shitty. Really really shitty.  The truly annoying aspect of these rumors is the willingness of popular tech blogs to echo the garbage.

The rumors ignore the hardware trends, along with Apple's design trends.

While the iPhone history is a short one, we should be expecting a complete redesign. The 3G and 3GS were similar, and the 4 was a redesign. The 4S was similar to the 4, hence I am now expecting a redesign. Not a larger version of the same phone. As seen here:

The rumor spread by Appleinsider, and the formally great Techcrunch.

If the new iPhone has the above unoriginal design, the stock's reaction will be pretty nasty.  But this design ignores industry trends.

The recent crop of really good LTE phones have a sleek thin form factor.

HTC One:

Galaxy 3:

Apple has always been a leader in design, so I am not expecting them to mimic any of the above designs. But to say they are not going to freshen the design considering the above capabilities is simply wrong.

A bit of iPhone design chatter that existed about a year ago suggest a sleeker thinner form, yet unique. It was the tear-drop design.

I am not choosing which rumor to pay attention to. I think they all suck, and frankly I ignore them. I only listen to data.  The data is suggesting a completely new form factor. And the above indicates a unique sleek LTE form is very doable. Hence, Apple will do it because they always push the design limits.

(If they don't push the limit of design and hardware, it will be the first negative sign the company is changing.)

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